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How To Apply The “Rubber Band” Technique To Control Anxiety

Anxiety is a common emotional disorder that makes you develop high levels of alertness or fear and extreme physical signs, for example, fast pacing heart rate, increased sweating, or even high breathing levels. Many people, who often have anxiety, tend to have fear in their every-day life activities, and they feel generally exhausted.

But do you know that you can use an ordinary rubber band to control your anxiety levels? Yes, you can! A rubber band or even a hairband can help snap your reality back, calm you down and bring you back to the real world around you.

A rubber band? To control anxiety?

Yes, of course! People with anxiety often drift away in thoughts and memories that remove them temporarily from the real things happening around them. This explains a situation where you can speak to your friend, all along, but they remain silent, staring at you or nowhere in particular. At some point, upon tapping them on their back or hand, they get back to reality, without any knowledge of what you were talking about. This is the same way the rubber band technique works in bringing someone, whose thoughts have drifted away, back to reality.

rubber band technique to control anxiety

Now, one important thing to learn primarily is that a rubber band DOESN’T TREAT ANXIETY. It does not contain any magical healing mechanism of any sort. In actual sense, you can use any rubber band that is, of course, elastic and can snap back, such as a hair band or wrist band. A rubber band is preferable because you can wear it on your wrist, with no worry at all, but not a hair band, for a man.

How exactly does this “rubber band” technique work?

As indicated above, a rubber band is not designed in any way to drain away anxiety. It cannot also change your mood whatsoever. Rubber bands also don’t have toxins or chemicals. It is a form of prompt that people diagnosed with anxiety, require for managing severe symptoms of anxiety.

Many people with anxiety are often overwhelmed by their thoughts. Rubber bands are ideal in introducing some pain on your skin, and then help bring you back to reality, such that these thoughts don’t make you feel as if things around you are about to crash on you. Indeed, a rubber band is a great device that you can use in public without anyone noticing.

It is cheap, easy to find, and most of all, a stress-free technique that disconnects you from your deep thoughts and brings you back to a real-life situation. This means that this rubber band technique helps you to cope with anxiety quite well, leaving feeling relaxed. But, most of all, rubber bands are not designed to cure anxiety. However, when merged with conventional anxiety therapies, you will manage to lower the symptoms of anxiety to a great extent.

Lost in thoughts

Wristband technique to control anxiety.jpg

One primary factor that best describes anxiety is the feeling of being in another world, and most of all, “in your head.” It’s true; you tend to feel like you are in a world that no one else is in except you. Moreover, you will feel like you are restricted from feeling the real world or enjoying it, either way. At this point, you lose all the focus and feel entrapped. This is where a rubber band comes in handy to stop you from drowning in heavy thoughts. It also prevents you from experiencing adverse anxiety symptoms.

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Six steps to follow when using the “rubber band” technique

How to use Wrist band technique to control anxiety.jpg

  1. Find a rubber band that can snap as usual
  2. Select a rubber band that you will be comfortable wearing in public
  3. Choose the golden words you wish to murmur to yourself when you snap the rubber band against your skin, such as “anxiety won’t put me down!” “I am not sick” or “Anxiety is the reason for this bad feeling.”
  4. Slow down your breathing to regain relaxation
  5. Snap the rubber band almost 2-3 times. This can cause some pain, but don’t worry. As long as you don’t snap it hard.
  6. Resay the golden words as you snap the rubber band against your skin.

Continue with this rubber band technique each time your attention drifts away into thoughts. This will help you overcome panic attacks or anxiety. You may need to see your doctor regularly for further advice.

The future is promising

This rubber band technic is opening more doors and opportunities for technologies and apps for controlling anxiety. Technology enthusiasts, especially app developers, can take advantage of this concept of a rubber band that snaps against your skin, causing some pain, in the end, bringing you back to reality. Already, some apps exist, but most of them dwell mostly on providing people with information about anxiety and somewhat timeworn forms of therapies, some of which are not successful.


To wrap up, always note that anxiety can cause excessive sweating, or a condition referred to as hyperhidrosis. When in distress or panic mode, your body temperature rises, which triggers your sweat glands to produce excessive sweat, a biological process aimed at cooling you off. It is always advisable to manage anxiety and lead a healthy life. Remember, if symptoms persist, you may need to seek medical advice.


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